Stay Ahead: Mastering Google and Yahoo’s Email Policy Changes for Small Businesses

Starting February 1, 2024, there’s a significant change you need to be aware of: Google and Yahoo will no longer deliver marketing emails from free email accounts like Gmail or Outlook.com. This is part of their initiative to enhance customer protection and promote good email practices among marketers.

What This Means for Your Marketing Strategy

The key change here is that you’ll need a custom domain for sending your marketing emails, whether you’re using Keap or any other platform.

If you already have a custom domain, you’re in a good position. The next step for you is to set up DKIM authentication, which is crucial for this new policy.

For those who don’t have a custom domain or are unsure about it, let’s delve into what this means and how to prepare.

Understanding Custom vs. Free Domains

A domain is like your virtual address on the internet. Free domains are part of services like Gmail or Yahoo and are common for personal use. However, for business, a custom domain, which you purchase and own, is vital. It not only lends credibility but also aligns with these new email policies.

Example in Action: Yoda’s Soda Shop

Imagine Yoda runs a soda shop and has been using a Gmail account for his business. He decides to switch to yodasoda.com, elevating his business’s professional appearance with an email like [email protected].

Acquiring a Custom Domain: Your Options

  1. Choosing a Domain Name: Select a name that represents your business effectively. It should be concise and memorable.
  2. Checking Availability and Making a Purchase: Use a domain registrar like GoDaddy to check if your desired name is available. Remember, prices and services vary, so it’s worth comparing options.
  3. Alternatively, Let Me Handle It for You: If you prefer a hassle-free experience, I can secure a custom domain for you. This way, you save time and avoid the technical setup, ensuring everything is aligned with your business needs.

Setting Up Your Custom Domain Email 

Once you have your domain, you’ll need to set up your email addresses and configure some technical aspects. If you’re comfortable handling this, great! If not, I’m here to help. I can take care of the technical setup for you, ensuring a smooth transition to your new professional email address.

Preparing for the Policy Changes

Besides acquiring a custom domain, you’ll also need to authenticate your domain with DKIM and DMARC. For Keap users, this process is streamlined within the app.

Maintain a low spam complaint rate to adhere to both Keap’s standards and the new policy requirements. Aim for less than one complaint per 1,000 emails.

These changes from Google and Yahoo are an opportunity to enhance your business’s email strategy. By February 1, 2024, ensure you have a custom domain in place and comply with the new email policies. If you need assistance in navigating these changes or managing the technical aspects, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s ensure your business continues to thrive with effective and compliant email marketing.

Andrew McEwan

The Savvy Marketing Guy

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